How to Fix Lumbar Disc Pain and Heal Your Disc Fast tips of the day #howtofix #technology #today #viral #fix #technique

How to Fix Lumbar Disc Pain and Heal Your Disc Fast  tips of the day #howtofix #technology #today #viral #fix #technique

Relieve lumbar disc pain and get your bulging disc to heal fast with 5 essential Physical Therapist tips from Michelle at Here’s the information you need including your best and worst positions and exercises for relieving lumbar disc pain and healing.

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If you’re suffering from a lumbar disc bulge injury you’ll know how painful and debilitating this condition can be.

What is a Disc Bulge?
Your inter vertebral discs sit between your vertebra. Inside the disc has a gel-like consistency when you’re young and this hardens as you get older. This gel is held in a capsule consisting of many layers that wrap around it. The soft inside of the disc can break through the outer layers of the capsule and this is known as a disc bulge. When this happens you need the capsule to heal. If you keep stretching the capsule and bulging the disc, you’re likely to slow down healing.

The weakest part of the disc is usually the back part of the disc. When you bend forwards the soft material inside the disc can bulge out of the back of the disc just like squeezing a tube of toothpaste.

5 Ways to Heal Faster
1. Stop Bending Forwards
The first thing to do is to Stop bending forwards. Every time you bend forwards the spongy disc can bulge. Try to keep your back straight and either lunge or kneel to get to the ground level. This isn’t forever, you should be able to bend forwards again when your disc has healed sufficiently.

2. Stop Sitting
The second thing to do is to stop sitting or minimize sitting for a couple of weeks. Reduce the time you spend sitting because every time you sit, the pressure within the disc increases.
If you must sit choose the highest chair possible, the worst chair for you to sit in is a low soft lounge chair.
If you work at a desk you can raise your computer by using a standing desk set up. Otherwise if your knees are OK, you can spend some time kneeling – the key to speeding up healing is keeping your back straight.

3. Start Walking
The third thing to do is to start walking when you’re able to. Try to go for short walks throughout the day keeping the walking surface flat and avoiding hills and stairs where possible. Try to avoid just lying in bed with a disc bulge injury unless you’re on medical orders to do so, and never lie across a soft lounge because the lack of support will likely worsen your back condition worse.

4. Adopt Good Resting Positions
Rest on a firm supportive surface with a pillow under your knees if you like resting or sleeping on your back. Placing a pillow under your knees reduces pressure within the disc so this position should feel comfortable. If you’re a side sleeper use a pillow placed length
ways between your legs to stop your back from rotating as you rest.

5. Commence Disc Exercises
Start the disc exercises linked above. These exercises can ease your lower back pain associated with disc bulge and get you on the road to recovery fast


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