Learn Delphi Programming | Unit 9.1 | Identify and Fix Code Errors in Delphi from techmirrors

Learn Delphi Programming | Unit 9.1 | Identify and Fix Code Errors in Delphi from techmirrors

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Delphi Programming Tutorial – Unit 9.1 – Identify and Fix Code Errors in Delphi:

Delphi is a strictly defined programming language with rules just like the grammar rules in any spoken language, such as English, isiZulu or Afrikaans. These rules enforce the structure, spelling, interpretation, and logic of a program’s code. Whenever a coding rule is violated, Delphi’s compiler, which is the code “translator”, will not be able to interpret the code and one or more errors may be reported.

It is important for programmers to run and test their code on a regular basis. Errors must then be fixed before deploying the end result. It is also possible that one mistake is the cause of many errors and then there is also the dreaded cases where fixing one error may ripple through the rest of your code and “spawn” additional errors.

Error messages in Delphi may be very vague and technical at first, but in this video we learn how to interpret those error messages, how to pinpoint the lines of code that caused the errors, and how to fix them. You also learn how you can avoid many errors before they happen when you follow the correct conventions and techniques that you’ve learned so far in this course.

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