MySQL – MySQL Introduction from

MySQL – MySQL Introduction from

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MySQL is a useful and widely used open source database


A Database Software stores data so that it is easily accessible
Relational Databases store Like Data in Tables and those Tables are then
How to get MySQL

The Community Version is FREE and Opensource –
MariaDB is a fork of MySQL that is a drop in replacement –
For both MySQL and MAriaDB some features are behind a paywall subscription
Why Use MySQL

Back end for WordPress, ZDrupal many apps
Available on Hosting Plans
Easy, and well known
How to use MySQL

Command line – MySQL has a command line interface
Front End – Phpmyadmin offers a GUI front end for MySQL Administration
Coding _ languages like PHP allow to write code to interact with the database
SQL – Structured Query Language

SQL is the language you use to communicate with the database
SELECT * FROM Users = Retrieve ALL Records from Table named USERS
SELECT Name,Age FROM Users ORDER BY Age = Retrieve Name and Age Values from Users Table and Sort by Age


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